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What is Sick Sad World?

Sick sad world is a tv show that Daria and Jane watch a ton during Daria's duration. Not much of the show is seen during the show, but what little clips appear are very interesting. The announcer, John Lynn, usually starts the segments off with an outragous and humourus question or statement. These episodes are usually on the strange and paranormal side, and the titles are used to shock the veiwer into watching more.

Weird Tv Connection

Weird Tv was a Canadian tv show that first aired in 1991. The shows host was Chuck Cirino, with excecutive producers Arthur Maturo and Todd Stevens. There is not much known about the show today, as most of it has been lost to time. The show was present all throughout Canada and throughout many american tv stations and awas a staple of late-night television for those who loved everything weird. This hour long program consisted of many segments includeing Weird America, The Dr. Reuhl Show, Shadeovision, Dave's UFO clip of the week, Newsweird, weird music videos and stand alone video pieces that were produced specially for the show. Some of these video pieces were even sent in by the veiwers themselves. Some of these speicla video clips include Trash: Francis & Buzz, Weird Love, Zatar the Mutant King, Mobius in the world of the living dead, limbo lounge, babe in a bottle, and Hog Man's Pork n' Bean Emporium. This tv series is my absolute favorite source of trippy and odd content, even if I can only find a few videos. Linked below are some samples of all that Weird Tv has to wonder.

This show won 3 webby awards for their defunt website for the categories of Best Humor, Best Weird, and Best Use of Animat/Graphics. This show was not super mainstream, so there were not very many contrevesys associated with the show. The show was banned, however, in Philadelphia and Wisconson because they broadcasted an animated short about a squirrel defecating massively. This is quite an odd reason to be banned but I found it kind of funny so its being included.